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    We install wet underfloor heating systems as they offer our customers the most beneficial solutions. During the installation process, plastic pipes are laid on a subfloor before the final surface is laid over the top. The pipes then link to the central heating system and hot water is pumped through, warming the floor above.

    If you would like to know more about how water underfloor heating systems operate and why they are so advantageous, out team will be happy to discuss the various options with you further.

    Factors in favour of underfloor heating

    We recognise the following qualities as crucial to your choice:

    • Efficiency
    • Low maintenance
    • Aesthetics
    • Safety
    • It’s cosy!

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    Underfloor heating produces a radiant heat, so the warmth flows evenly from the lowest point in a room and upwards, leading to a more consistent heat throughout the room.

    To ensure the underfloor heating system is powerful enough for the area it’s covering we survey your room or property and provide a heat loss calculation, which will dictate the output of the underfloor heating system required.

    As with all projects we will discuss your options thoroughly and listen to your expectations before making recommendations and providing a quotation. Get in touch to discuss further or make an appointment to conduct a survey.

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    Low maintenance

    Once the pipes are in place on the subfloor and connected to the central heating system, pressure testing takes place. When this comprehensive process is complete, the final floor can be laid and your chosen covering fitted. You can then forget about what lies beneath – leaving you free to enjoy the benefits every time you enter the room.

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    With no radiators to contend with you can be more flexible when deciding how to place furniture in rooms fitted with underfloor heating. The resulting clean lines along each wall offer renewed freedom and you will enjoy a reduction in the enemy of every interior designer – clutter!

    This will have an immediate impact on your enjoyment of your home – and by investing in underfloor heating you’ll even gain an edge over similar properties on the market should you decide to sell.

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    It’s cosy!

    Every room in your home will benefit from underfloor heating, but it’s in the bathrooms and bedrooms that you will be most acutely aware of the delights of such a system.

    Did you know …?

    • You might have been put off tiling floors in your home due to their cool, unwelcoming nature, but with underfloor heating there is no such anxiety. Stone, slate, ceramic or terracotta are all ideal, and will soon warm up when the heat starts to flow.
    • Avoid thick carpets since they absorb the heat. Instead, look for an underlay / carpet combination with low thermal resistance.
    • Some laminate and vinyl flooring is best avoided, but good quality products can be laid with confidence.
    • Take care in choosing wooden flooring, too. We will advise on this when we survey your property, and your flooring supplier will also offer guidance.

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